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As a first time dog owner, it was very important to our family to have a well-behaved puppy both inside and outside our home. Heather immediately connected with us and our puppy, understood our priorities and then worked with us, including our young daughter who was eager to be part of training, to make a plan to master core training. She kept the stages simple, gave us lots useful and simple ways to remember how to reinforce training, and was always available as hoc to help with anything that came up as our puppy developed. Heather is calm and patient with puppies and people, and a good person to be around in addition to her experience and skill as a trainer. 

Emily T & Bear

Heather is an amazing dog trainer! She’s very easy to work with and really understands dogs! She worked with us to improve recall and improve our manners! My little Schnauzer is feisty and very confident, and can be a bit difficult…she totally loves Heather! And responded very well to Heather’s training method, and was always so happy to see her!  And was very eager to please Heather. It was wonderful to watch, Heather is always kind and loving and helped me to work more successfully with my dog. I highly recommend Heather! I tried two other trainers before Heather and had zero luck…Heather is the best!

Barbara M.

Heather is an incredible dog trainer. I would recommend her to anyone with a new puppy or a dog that has some things to work on. She is quick and easy. She knows how to work with the dog and the owner to make teaching a puppy easy and simple. I have never had a dog before and didn’t know what to expect. She helped me house train our puppy within weeks. She also helped us train her to walk with a leash, come when called, sit, not jump up and many other necessary commands for our dog. She is so easy to understand and makes the process of training a dog simple and possible. There is a way about her that commands the attention of a dog in a calm way. Even for a busy mom of 4 kids. We love our puppy, and we love that she is learning to be a good dog, thanks to Heather. We think she is worth every penny.

Heather helped us train our dog, both for simple obedience commands, and later, to certify him as a service animal, and she continues to be available for support when needed. Heather was exactly what we needed in a trainer: a great communicator (with humans and dogs alike!), patient, full of ideas, practical, reassuring, and positive. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for someone who will partner with their family to help their dog reach their full potential!
Tara & Rory

Heather Trocola, trainer extraordinaire, helps people work with and understand their dogs and dogs understand and work with their people. She is patient with dogs of all ages and sizes. She also communicates well with humans, which lets you to interact consistently with your dogs.

L. Lapolla, New Canaan

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