“Heather is an incredible dog trainer. I would recommend her to anyone with a new puppy or a dog that has some things to work on. She is quick and easy. She knows how to work with the dog and the owner to make teaching a puppy easy and simple. I have never had a dog before and didn’t know what to expect. She helped me house train our puppy within weeks. She also helped us train her to walk with a leash, come when called, sit, not jump up and many other necessary commands for our dog. She is so easy to understand and makes the process of training a dog simple and possible. There is a way about her that commands the attention of a dog in a calm way. Even for a busy mom of 4 kids. We love our puppy, and we love that she is learning to be a good dog, thanks to Heather. We think she is worth every penny.”
Melissa Cutler