hifivePrivate Video Training

These sessions can be customized to your needs. New puppy coming and you need help prepping? Realizing you finally have the time to work on those come when called issues with your dog but not sure where to start? We can really make this short sessions work for you.
30 minutes for $50

Private Lessons

$140 per visit (approximately one hour)

In the comfort of your home we will discuss issues, establish goals, formulate a game plan and get started immediately. The plan will be customized to you and your dog. We will work on the goals we agreed upon, review “homework” and learn new skills in each lesson.

Your Family’s New Best Friend Program

There’s a new pup in the family! Let In The Lead Dog Training get your new best friend up and running in your home. I will work with all family members (the kids can learn a lot too!) and existing pets to make things go as smoothly as possible. We will cover set-up, house training, good manners, obedience training, whatever is required to get you and your new dog’s relationship off to the best start possible.Includes walking harness or collar specifically chosen for you and your dog.

6 lessons for $720

Your Dog 2.0

He’s a good dog…he could be a great dog.  He has some things down while other things need work. This program is customized to each client and focuses on getting you and your dog back on track. We can cover everything from remedial house training and jumping up to getting a dog to stay when you say “stay” and come when you say “come”. Includes walking harness or collar specifically chosen for you and your dog.

3 lessons for $375